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Painting tools and accessories - Everything for your creative side

You are a creative person and love to bring your thoughts and ideas on paper or canvas? Then you've come to the right place! In our category "painting tools and accessories" you will find everything that the artist's heart desires. Whether oil painting, watercolor painting, pastel or airbrush - we have the right accessories for you.

Painting tools and accessories for every need

Our category offers you a wide selection of painting tools and accessories for different painting techniques. From brushes in different sizes and shapes such as flat brushes, round brushes and natural bristles to easels and paint rollers - you will find everything you need for your artwork. Wood and silicone spatulas as well as pastel chalks and silicone brushes are also part of our range.

For watercolor painting, we offer you paint boxes and paint pots in various sizes and designs. Also felt tip pens and primers you will find with us. If you are interested in the airbrush technique, we have airbrush guns and cleaning kits for you in the offer.

Artist supplies and modeling supplies

Our range is not only for artists, but also for modelers. Also for this area we have a wide selection of painting tools and accessories such as paint rollers and paint cups, brushes and spatulas as well as airbrush guns and cleaning kits.

Quality and sustainability

We put quality and sustainability first. We make sure that our products are made of high quality materials and are environmentally friendly. Even our packaging is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Order your painting tools and accessories now at The Green Creative Shop and let your creativity run wild!