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Stickers, stickers and labels - individuality to stick

You are looking for a way to live out your creativity and personalize your items? Then you are right in the category stickers, stickers and labels! Here you will find a wide selection of different stickers, labels and stickers that you can create for your craft projects, scrapbooking, bullet journal, calendars and notebooks or use as decoration for your wedding or gifts.

Stickers: Large selection of adhesive stickers and stickers for crafting

Stickers are a must-have for many DIY projects. Whether for greeting cards, Advent calendars or lovingly wrapped gifts - they give every work that certain something. With large and small stickers, surfaces can be decorated, individualized and embellished in no time at all. The selection is limitless: from flower stickers to sparkling glitter stickers to extravagant 3D stickers, there is something for every taste. Back in the 90s, children filled entire scrapbooks with stickers - and they are still very popular today. In our store you will find a huge selection of sticker types: from colorful stickers for kids to noble stickers with rhinestones to natural wooden stickers for a rustic decoration. Browse through our selection and find the perfect craft stickers for your next project.

Our store, The Green Creative Shop, offers fast delivery and professional advice from experts to ensure you find the perfect stickers and decals for your project. We carry a variety of different brands such as Avira, Rico Design, artemio, Paper Poetry and many more.

In our category you will find a wide selection of labels, stickers and themed stickers that you can use for your projects. We have a great selection of office stickers, washi stickers, self-adhesive labels and money stickers. If you're looking for something special, check out our 3D stickers, wood stickers, beaded stickers, felt stickers or stickers with rhinestones. We also have a great selection of heart stickers and flower stickers, perfect for decorating gifts or weddings.

Stickers as stickers: what is a sticker?

The versatility of creative work materials such as construction paper, pens and paints is easily topped by stickers. No matter where and when, stickers can always be used. The simple and ingenious functional principle of each sticker is that it is printed on one side and has a self-adhesive surface on the other. Sticking them on is therefore child's play: simply peel off the protective film and place the sticker on a desired surface. Of course, this should be clean and free of grease, dirt and dust, so that the sticker adheres optimally. Whether and how easily the sticker can be removed again depends on the type of sticker and the nature of the surface. What is certain, however, is that most stickers promise a permanent hold once they are stuck on.

Stickers: the quality decides

Our stickers and labels are of high quality and are easy to apply. They are durable and can be applied to almost any surface. You can stick them on your laptop, cell phone, water bottle, car or even on your wall.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity run wild and customize your items with our stickers, decals and labels. Order now and get your delivery fast and easy!

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