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Painted flower pots made from bamboo fibre - Inspiration: Painted flower pots made from bamboo fibre

How to design frost-proof flower pots made of bamboo fibre according to your ideas.

Papier-mâché egg, decorated with craft paint and decorative foil - Inspiration: papier-mâché egg as gift packaging

How you can turn an unassuming papier-mâché egg into imaginative gift packaging.

Miniature camping scene - Inspiration: Miniature scenery camping

We'll show you how you can create a cute camping scene with simple means.

Easter daffodils made from crepe paper - Inspiration: crepe paper daffodils

Here we show you how to create amazingly realistic-looking daffodils using crepe paper and paint.

Fluid Art on canvas - Create fluid art on canvas

Create beautiful paintings with a marble effect using colour and pouring fluid

Decoupage technique -

Design gift boxes with decoupage technique

Explosion Box Winter Landscape -

An explosion box becomes a creative surprise gift with a winter landscape.